Tackling complex problems to achieve real results

We help develop the capacity of communities and organizations to tackle complex issues.  Using a collaborative systems approach we work to create a common agenda, shared measurement strategies, continuous communications processes, and a set of mutually reinforcing activities. We help organizations develop adaptive leadership skills to achieve results and community impact.

Barbara Poppe is nationally recognized leader in achieving data driven solutions through collaborative processes. Serving as the executive director of the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, she not only developed and launched the first ever federal strategic plan to end homelessness, she oversaw the implementation of the plan and execution of strategies that achieved significant measurable results. Working at a local level, she led the Community Shelter Board in Columbus, Ohio, a public-private partnership that operated as a backbone organization to address homelessness. 

Barbara Poppe has now organized a diverse group of experts that can be mobilized to help your community solve its toughest challenges.